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White men's shirts: The all-rounder as a dress or jacket to swimwear

What used to be the hoodie is now the oversize shirt. Because this summer, the reach into the boyfriend's closet is much more aimed at the white business shirt, which is gladly worn one or two sizes larger. What makes the classic so popular in the summer? Its versatility. Closed as a dress, as a jacket with a bikini or casually tucked into jeans - white men's shirts do it all. Except for stuffiness! The most beautiful combination styles below.

White shirts for men: open with jeans shorts

Shoulders halfway up the upper arm, sleeves rolled way back: our parents would probably have thrown their hands up in horror at this sight. Because at first glance, the white oversize shirt looks three sizes too big. But it's all intentional: the oversize format makes the rest of the outfit look petite and slim. Influencer Anouk Yve styles her men's shirt with denim shorts, which also come out a few sizes too big and are held at the narrow waist with a belt. The casual black-and-white style gets an elegant break with pointed heels!

White men shirts replace beach dress

We are in the middle of the vacation season: instead of re-equipping yourself from head to toe on a small budget, tried and tested classics can simply be repurposed. Because instead of nautical beach dresses and kimonos, which are only worn once a year anyway due to their special look, white men's shirts serve as a stylish and timeless substitute this summer. Pernille Teisbaeck shows how it's done and combines her shirt (borrowed from husband Philip Lotko?!) with a black swimsuit and gold statement jewelry.

Ripped jeans with white shirt

Designer Anine Bing is known for her minimalist style. Men's white shirts feature in her wardrobe several times a week. The latest favorite look: the white shirt with high waisted ripped jeans. The high waisted blue denim with distinctive rips at the knees perfectly matches the casual shirt, which is unceremoniously tucked into the jeans. Only the shirt should not be too big at this point, so as not to create an unsightly fabric bulge at the waistband of the jeans. Matching gold jewelry and black painted fingernails round off the typical Anine Bing look! If you want to go one step further, give yourself a fresh bob in the summer - keeps the neck free and looks fresh and well-groomed!

Experimentation: men's off-the-shoulder shirts

The classic cut of the business shirt can be modified. Berlin-based Julia Dalia shows how the deconstructed version of the summer trend works. Her white shirt is unbuttoned about halfway. Julia lets the lapels fall casually behind her shoulders and wears the shirt in an off-shoulder version tucked into blue denim jeans. If you want to top the look, combine a solid leather belt with off-the-shoulder men's shirts, cleverly tucking in the white fabric. Indispensable: necklaces that give more attention to the exposed part of the body.


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