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It's a Twin Thing - Identical Passion

Hi, we are Bärbel Kraft (left) and Petra Kraft (rigth). We love communication and our passion belongs to the development of creative concepts and strategies. With an enthusiastic and competent team we are active for our clients.  The idea for public images was born in the years between Genration Y and Z. Major PR agencies in the fashion and lifestyle market were still scarce in Germany, but the Internet boom was omnipresent, and we were right in the middle of it. This epochal spirit of optimism, the start-up feeling of an entire generation, continues to shape us today and is firmly anchored in our DNA. Communication is more multifaceted than ever and it is always on the move. We believe that strategies and processes take this rapidity into account, which is why we keep rethinking them to inspire again and again - and to support our customers in a contemporary and thus efficient way.

It's a team!

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