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We want, we must - sustainable jeans

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Jeans are an absolute wardrobe must-have. We have best one in every wash, every cut and every trend. But unfortunately, the denim industry is still probably one of the most polluting in the world. Therefore, especially companies with green alternatives are also the best shopping alternatives. We have compiled a list of brands that produce sustainable jeans. You'll also find tips on which conventional fashion companies are doing it right.

Kings of Indigo

Amsterdam-based fair denim brand Kings of Indigo, or K.O.I for short, has stood for sustainable, contemporary denims since its inception in the year. Its founder Tony Tonnaer attaches great importance to fairness and sustainability. This means, for example, that their jeans are made from organic cotton or upcycled production waste, including cotton fabrics from India's Anubha factory. But K.O.I also has old blankets from an Indian market transformed into a special jacket collection, all sewn by hand under fair conditions.... The look of K.O.I: modern, cool, special. For men and women there is a wide range of cuts, washes and styles. So if you're looking for a cool new favorite denim without a guilty conscience, you should definitely stop by Kings of Indigo.

Dawn Denim

Under the motto 'Sustainability must not be a luxury!' the label Dawn Denim, founded in 2015, now launched a new style within the 'Dawn Eco Line' and thus expands its own portfolio with another, greener jeans.

Produced in Saigon, Vietnam - in a fair factory. In addition, Dawn Denim received 100 out of 100 possible points from the Fair Wear Foundation in the category 'Brand Performance Check' - as the only company so far that has achieved the full score. The reason for this could also be transparency among customers. Because with Tip Me and Retraced, all information about the supply chain can be tracked. By the way: The Eco Line is not only characterized by its sustainable and fair production, but also by the extended range of sizes - so that there is something for everyone.

Mud Jeans

And already it takes us back to the Netherlands. This time to Mud Jeans. The world's first circular jeans brand stands for minimal resource consumption and maximum reuse. For example, they recycle their own leftover jeans and reuse around 40 percent post-consumer recycled cotton to make their products. For this, Mud Jeans was awarded the title of 'Sustainable Retailer of the Year' last year. This year, they have also been awarded the title 'Best for the World' by B Lab, a non-profit organization and community of entrepreneurs. There's probably nothing more to say about it.

Which conventional fashion brands offer truly sustainable jeans?

Now, it's not as if there are no other offerings beyond that in the broad-based fashion market. Numerous vertical brands as well as large fashion companies advertise their sustainable products. But just like sustainability, greenwashing is also absolutely trendy. Companies throw a few green-sounding marketing terms into the room and often get away with it with end consumers, but in the end there really isn't much eco and fairness in it. Fortunately, there are exceptions.

Fast fashion retailer Mango has set itself high goals: By 2025, they want to use 100 percent only sustainable cotton, 50 percent recycled polyester and by 2030 cellulose fibers from controlled cultivation for its collections. They are also targeting the elimination of plastic packaging throughout the supply chain, while the publication of the entire Tier 1 level, meaning the list of manufacturing plants, has already been implemented. If a Mango piece is labeled with an eco-label, it can be trusted. C&A is now also taking important steps in sustainability. With the Sustainable Denim collection, which will be launched on August 25, they focused primarily on recycled cotton.

Popular denim labels like Levi's are also doing their thing. Their collaboration with Jaden Smith and other environmental activists is intended to encourage young people in particular to make conscious purchasing decisions in the interests of the environment. It's also worth taking a look at the green denim lines of H&M's subsidiary brands like & Other Stories, COS or Monki - for yourself and for the environment.

Foto: Kings of Indigo


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