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UV protection: Our hat favourites for sunny days

Finally enjoying a relaxing day at the swimming lake again, drinking a capuccino at your favourite café or simply spending a day sunbathing - we're looking forward to summer! Our most important accessory besides SPF and beach reading? The summer hat with UV protection.

No or too little UV protection not only causes premature skin ageing, but also dries out your scalp and hair. To avoid this, we have selected the right summer hat for you for every activity and style. Let us inspire you!


You don't have the luck to have your own pool in the garden? No problem! Just pack your beach bag and off you go to the lake. What you should definitely pack: a tunic as an uncomplicated keypiece that you can simply throw over your bikini and wear breezily and casually, and of course the matching summer hat for sufficient UV protection. Our insider tip for long sunny days at the lake is the blue baseball made of rep, which will give your casual tunic look a maritime-elegant touch in no time at all.

Romantic BFF Look

Ever since the hit series "Bridgerton", we have been craving romantic key looks in floral settings. So why not arrange a "tea time" á la "Bridgerton" in the garden with your best friend? For this special date, we recommend combining a gorgeous maxi dress with our cream rep bell. Not only does it add a sophisticated bridge tone touch to your look, but it also provides enough UV protection for a wonderful girls' day.

Tennis Chic with UV protection

Sporty visors are one of the trend accessories of the summer in connection with the athleisure megatrend. Combined with white oversized blouses and rough sneakers, they are an absolute fashion highlight that could also be the sporty companion for the next tennis match. Our visor in nude exudes the trendy 90s retro vibe and is the ideal sun protection for all those who like to style their hair in a high ponytail.

Cowboy-Style 2021

Western style has been conquering our hearts again for a few seasons now, and for good reason. Whether you're on a relaxed stroll through the city or enjoying a delicious cappuccino in your favourite café, the cowboy hat always adds a certain nonchalance and also hides a bad hair day in no time at all - so you're also perfectly styled for spontaneous outings. And last but not least, our crochet raffia cowboy hat not only looks casual, but also offers you enough UV protection for long visits to the café.


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