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The focus on the individual body: the Start-up BEAWEAR is rethinking size

BEAWEAR was launched on December 7! The Fashion Tech start-up from female founders Verena Ziegler and Dr. Frauke Link uses artificial intelligence to break the outdated rules of the fashion industry and rethinks fashion from the perspective of the individual body.

Imagine shopping in an online shop where everything fits! What sounds nearly revolutionary should actually be taken for granted. When shopping online it is not uncommon that it ends in a disaster of returns. What`s the reason behind it? When it comes to sizing tables in fashion, it is almost as chaotic as the Wild West and every brand is dealing with the issue in its own ways. This does not only gnaw on the self-esteem of customers but it is also bad for the environment.

Why is that so?

The fashion industry has a data problem: there is no such thing as a standardized body and manufacturers often produce for phantoms when it comes to predicting actual measurements of their customers. The linear mass production cycle that has been established for decades leads to an oversupply chain of garments in stockpiles. This is one of the reasons why the textile industry is currently one of the biggest polluters worldwide.

Sustainable, resource-saving and innovative!

Complex problems need smart solutions! And this is where BEAWEAR comes into play. The female-led start-up from Konstanz in Germany uses artificial intelligence to solve this data problem. The founders have developed and patented a technology that tackles all grievances at once! With the help of a 3D body scan BEAWEAR generates a "digital twin", which can be easily created by customers from anywhere they are, using any sort of mobile device. In other words: The customers' body scan gets translated into a virtual avatar using gaming features, which customers can design as they please. This guarantees not only more fun, but prohibits any facial/body data exposure. As a gatekeeper, this "digital twin" can become a "shopping buddy" that filters body relevant fashion in connected online shops, so that products are algorithmically recommended based on the individual body type and not based on a standardized size system. BEAWEAR`s plug-and-play software tool can effortlessly be integrated into any online shop. This turns dull online shopping into an interactive gaming experience. Brilliant!

Nice to really e-meet you!

Retailers and the environment also benefit from this digital innovation. Researchers at the University of Bamberg found out that 280 million parcels were returned in Germany alone in 2020 (around 40% in the fashion segment). These returns burden the environment with 238,000 tones of CO2, which means additional costs for online retail in the billions. Through the integration of the BEAWEAR software, the brand and retail partners continuously receive statistics about the buying behavior and, above all, about the real body shapes of the customers - anonymized, of course, in accordance with GDPR. In this way, the e-commerce partners really get to know their customers and can respond to their wishes and actual body shapes through adapted production processes. Nice to really get to know you! This not only saves resources, but also liquid funds.

Who is behind BEAWEAR?

BEAWEAR is the brainchild of Verena Ziegler and Dr. Frauke Link. The two met through the HTWG Konstanz's Open Innovation Lab, an interdisciplinary learning and teaching laboratory for digital fabrication processes. Dr. Frauke Link has specialized in the digitization of bespoke tailoring. Verena Ziegler has researched digitalized production methods from three- to two-dimensional surfaces and developed in collaboration with computer science masters students a simulation program. In 2019 Verena and Frauke founded their start-up OpenDress and further developed their ideas into circular software concepts for the market: BEAWEAR was born.

„Our mission is to create a transparent supply chain that uses data and artificial intelligence to break the cycle of overproduction and deliver a magical shopping experience that empowers consumers with their own body data to make informed purchasing decisions.“

Verena Ziegler

„Fashion has to be rethought, because the body does not have to adapt to standardized rules of fashion, but rather, conversely, fashion themself should be conceived from the individual body.“

Dr. Frauke Link

But that's not all of it: More exciting and solution-oriented software packages from the two founders will follow soon. The 3-D body scan principle also provides the perfect base for second-hand online shopping fitting recommendations as well as creating individual made to measure sewing patterns, on-demand manufactured in local micro factories. Stay tuned

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Open Dress GmbH (Brand BEAWEAR)

Managing directors: Verena Ziegler, Dr. Frauke Link

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Verena Ziegler,,+49.176 81746360

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