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State of the Art: Augmented Reality Look Book

It's time for something new! Do you snoop yet?

Why not marry print & digital? Because opposites attract and similarities connect. So we took the good old look book and "snooped" it with great, fast video snippets. We used the fascinating technique of "augmented reality" by snoopstar.

"In our industry, we have been working with look books for years, some of which are printed elaborately and to a very high standard. For a long time we have been looking for a technology that also connects the digital world with the paper world. With snoopstar we have found a fascinating solution that brings our Look Books to life."

People fall in love with stories

People don't fall in love with facts, they fall in love with stories. snoopstar, the augmented reality platform, combines analogue and digital storytelling - and transforms the passive medium of print into an activating, multimedia experience!

Whether magazines, catalogues, advertisements, packaging or displays: everything printed is enriched with its own digital content. Accessible via smartphone - simply open the free snoopstar app, point the camera at the object and experience more.


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