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JOSEF SEIBEL presents comprehensive rebranding!

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

In the 135th year of its existence, the international shoe company JOSEF SEIBEL is repositioning itself for the future in all aspects.

Since its founding in 1886, the international company JOSEF SEIBEL, based in Hauenstein, Germany, has stood for masterful shoe craftsmanship and comfort. In the 135-year company history, further development has always been the focus; reinventing oneself is tradition at JOSEF SEIBEL. After a 1-year creative phase, the company is now presenting a comprehensive rebranding of its brand identity, marking a step into the fifth generation of the company, for new target groups, new sales channels and new success. The main person responsible for the creative brand rebranding is Franziska Seibel. She is part of the 5th generation of the entrepreneurial family and has been Managing Director for Marketing, Retail and Projects since the beginning of 2019. Together with Andreas Hillesheim, JOSEF SEIBEL company spokesperson and Head of Marketing, the branding and design were developed and implemented with the creative agency AEIOU from Düsseldorf.

Franziska Seibel, Managing Director: "During our re-branding process, one of our partners used the quote "A proper crisis should not be wasted" by Winston Churchill. To some extent, it then became our guiding principle, as it perfectly described our situation. We had the luck and the chance to reinvent ourselves during Corona and worked on it with full energy during the last year. We are convinced that it is the right path we are on. True to the Palatinate mentality of "Jo aller, weider geht's!", we rarely look back and instead look optimistically to the future."




As part of the brand relaunch, JOSEF SEIBEL focuses on an extensive renewal and strengthens the core of the brand. For this purpose, 6 pillars of the brand philosophy were defined, which summarize an own attitude to the topics tradition, sustainability, comfort, quality and material, performance and fashion and are visualized again and again by corresponding illustrations in the external presentation. JOSEF SEIBEL's new brand mission statement follows the credo: I go my own way. Self-determined, optimistic and human.

WHEREVER I GO // WHATEVER I DO // HOWEVER I FEEL The modern appearance of JOSEF SEIBEL is based on a flexible design system and will not refer to a single claim. Context-related, different messages will be used in communication in the future.

Andreas Hillesheim, Head of Marketing: "In our new Josef Seibel World, we are taking a new path together with our customers. We keep pace with progress, are always driven by our passion for craftsmanship and the inspiration from the diverse stories of our customers. All for a confident future that we create together, that we experience together."

New logo elements

The redesign of the brand logo includes various logo elements and allows for a playful approach. Stand-alone, as initials, with a statement or proudly referring to tradition by adding the founding year 1886. For a contemporary product presentation, JOSEF SEIBEL relies on a modern color scheme with the colors black and white, which underlines the new look of the brand in an optimistic and accessible way. The first major part of the brand presentation is the redesign of the Internet presence. The design of the JOSEF SEIBEL website has been fundamentally revised and aligned with expanded target groups. The clear, modern structure offers a user-friendly, informative overview of all topics and the broad product range. The social media channels are also linked to the relaunch and show a new face in visual language and stories that will revolve around the major areas of shoes, people, places and landscapes in the new JOSEF SEIBEL world.

1886 and Spirit of Nature:

New signposts expand the product range

Elementary for the contemporary orientation are the new lines 1886 and Spirit of Nature within the collections. They combine origin and tradition with modernity to a special degree and stand for the future themes of the JOSEF SEIBEL brand. 1886: The sneaker collection for men and women surprises with personalization. Starting in summer 2021, the sporty models can be customized via a configurator online or live on site at the shoe factory in Hauenstein. Variable design elements consist of sole color, color for front and lacing, tongue and upper heel cap, lace color and a personal engraving. Spirit of Nature: With "Spirit of Nature", JOSEF SEIBEL is making a contribution to environmental protection. Only chrome-free tanned upper and lining leathers that can be recycled are used for the environmentally friendly capsule collection. Sustainable materials, environmentally friendly production processes and manufacturing in Hauenstein enable low CO₂ emissions during transport. (PK)


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