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How to find the right pants size when shopping online

We love online shopping! Lying on the couch in our pajamas and browsing the latest fashion trends is one of our absolute weekend highlights. But there is one exception that pushes even self-confessed shopaholics to their limits: Pants. Due to the multitude of sizes, lengths and fits, buying pants often ends in an annoying exchange action. But that's over now! We've put together three helpful tips to help you find your perfect pants size, even when shopping online.

#1 Check size chart

We have all probably already made this experience: clothing size is not the same as clothing size. Every brand is different and accordingly difficult to choose the right pants size. But this can be easily counteracted. With a look at our size chart you will find the right size in no time. Before your next online purchase, take the time to measure your waist, hip circumference and inner leg length, compare your values with our tables and we guarantee your trouser mis-purchase rate will drop rapidly!

Our additional tip: Pay attention in the product description to how tall the model is. So you get a reliable, first impression of the pants length.

#2 Pay attention to the fabric

The perfect pants should of course not only look wonderful, they should also feel comfortable. That's why we recommend - and this doesn't just apply when buying pants - always taking a look at the material description. For example, if the pants are made of 100 percent cotton, they will hardly give. Accordingly, the size should be adjusted to your measurements as best as possible. Pants with stretch, such as our Sandy and Stella models, on the other hand, have a margin of half a clothing size. This guarantees a comfortable, soft feel and maximum freedom of movement.

#3 Choose the right fit

Skinny, mom, boyfriend: the selection of pants fits is almost immeasurable. That's why we often fall back on our old favorites when shopping online, in order to avoid unnecessary trips to the post office for return shipping. But we have the solution! In our pants fit guide we present all the important facts about our pants styles. This way you can easily get all the information about the leg curve, body height and length of a model.

Our trend tip: Dare to wear loose-fit styles like our Kate or Prisley models this spring. These are currently at the top of every must-have list and also act as true figure flatterers.


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