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Beauty tips for beautiful toned legs in summer

'Kenny S. loves you' is not a platitude, but our philosophy. We love all women with thin, thick, long or short legs. However, beautiful, toned legs are still a stated goal for the perfect summer look. That's why we've put together four tips to help you visually make the most of your gorgeous legs and create a beautifully groomed look.


Shaving, waxing or sugaring - it's much easier with freshly exfoliated skin. And even if you opt for long-lasting hair removal like sugaring, which can last up to four weeks, a weekly peel belongs on your beauty to-do list. Because with it you remove dead skin cells, stimulate the blood circulation and conjure up a velvety soft skin at the same time. Our beauty tip: Make sure that the peeling is not too coarse, so that you do not overstress your skin with the constant peeling.

Like kissed by the sun

You don't want to put on shorts yet because your legs aren't tanned yet, but how else are you supposed to tan them? We all know this dilemma, but high-quality self-tanners provide a remedy. And here, too, the previous peeling is indispensable! Once all hair and dead skin cells have been removed, the fake tan may be applied. If you only want a light tan, we recommend the self-tanner from the natural cosmetics brand Mádara. And if you want a clearly tanned complexion that still looks natural, the self-tanner from Lavera is the right choice.

Find your pants or skirt match

Currently, the Bermuda shorts are again at the top of the fashion rankings. Women with longer legs can wear this type of pants especially well, because it visually compresses the legs a bit. Women with shorter legs should make sure that the shorts end about a hand width above the knee and can simply roll up the Bermuda shorts. This applies to skirts as well: Long midi or maxi skirts are particularly suitable for tall women, while shorter, soft flowing skirts are suitable for short women.

Bye-bye tired legs

Swollen, tired legs - a problem that every woman knows in the summer. While some are prone to pronounced water retention, others have only mild complaints. But they have one thing in common: It inhibits the summer joy and does not make beautiful legs. Those who want to prevent this should drink herbal teas with nettle, birch or parsley leaves every day, as these ensure that excess fluid is secreted. And as with so much, getting enough exercise can prevent tired legs. Don't worry, you don't have to run a marathon. All you need to do is circle your ankles several times a day, alternately pulling your feet toward you and away from your body to stimulate circulation. And if you need a little cooling down in between, we recommend Thalgo's stimulating leg gel, which gives your legs the freshness boost they need.


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