We communicate the components of your success to relevant journalists and editors: design, sales and marketing, management and staff, every department which contributes to your success story. We inform the relevant press and media representatives about your company, your performance and about your goals. We provide them with details that last: professional press editorials that attract the reader’s attention instead of empty press releases. Our main reason to communicate is to picture your brand. Brands that can be understood are being talked about at all levels: B2B, B2C and C2C.


Your sales representatives are the most important consultants towards your retail partners. We provide your sales force with the necessary communication tools to make them dedicated brand activists. As a consequence, you sales team can provide your customers with the most efficient and competent information about your brand and your company. In return, your customer becomes an ambassador of your brand and an opinion leader who acts in your interest.


Uniform strategies are not our cup of tea. We develop PR and communication strategies that match perfectly to your brand and your goals. Comprehensible, practical, realizable and lasting. Your investment results in a maximum effect.


The product is the hero! By placing your product in consumer media we generate covetousness and buying interest in your target group. We’re in daily contact with the relevant editors of fashion and lifestyle media and provide them result-oriented with our client’s products for special topics and photo shootings.


Our PR strategy is tailored to your person. “Heads” and opinions are essential components of communication media. Your statements are perfect PR tools. The style universe of those who stand behind a brand support the identification within your target group. Personality PR for entrepreneurs, designers and board members are options in this category. A home story, a fashion shooting or an appropriate interview – personality PR generates the “finger print” and communicates your brand DNA. Individually. Personally. Tailor-made.


Being experts in the magazine market, we assist you in setting up your media planning, by always taking your strategy and your budget into account. The relevant representatives of international publishers belong to our network. We negociate the best possible conditions, take care of advertisement booking and coordinate the technical requirements.


The quality of texts, letters and brochures as well as the content of your website require high quality standards. We write, edit and formulate on your behalf. We develop your “wording” to be recognizable and distinctive. We write your personal speech, your company profile, your product description as well as your press releases; we act as your editor and as your reader. We also translate your text from English and French into German on request. Quality is essential: the result is not a word-to-word translation but an editorial that meets objective and target.


We have access to a network that consists of top managers, successful sales staff, sales agencies, marketing specialists, trend consultants, visual merchandisers and office staff. We liaise in two directions: we look for positions that require competent staff or personalities who are looking for new challenges.


We draft and realize your event. The objective is to make it a media effective experience. An event carries the emotions of your brand and multiplies media coverage and its awareness many times over. The possibilities are countless: meet & greets, launches and openings, receptions and press trips as well as fashion shows and your participation at tradeshows.


Do you want to implement your influencer strategy based on success? Then you are right with us. Since 2007 we have been establishing our network of bloggers and influencers.
We personally care for our community of Macro and Micro Influencers. Our #influencergettogether as an established media event is a highlight during our seasonal Pressdays in Hamburg and Munich.


The possibilities to appear as printed PR clipping in the press are limited.
We recommend brand journalism, become a publisher, promote your own Media. We make our customers the Storyteller in all relevant social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. To top it off, we develop a magazine for you with our partner Talk to us, we’ll create a customized communication concept for you.


Consumers identify with celebrities and socialites. Very often, the “red carpet” lays the foundation for a brands success or for a “must have”. Within our extensive network, we will identify the celebrity who suits your brand and provide him/her with the right product. In due consideration of relevant parameters such as brand philosophy, personality, type of event, target group etc. we make the person the ambassador of your brand.