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Our keypieces for the trendy all over denim look

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Denim Bucket Hat

We all remember Britney and Justin's performance at the 2001 American Music Awards. It was the moment when the all over jeans style got a bad rap. The fashion world momentarily tuned out this fashion faux pas, focused on the stylish looks of Nineties style icons like singer Sade Adu and unceremoniously brought the head-to-toe denim style back to life. Inspired by this, we put the denim crown on the trend and present our favourite jeans-style models.


A jeans style with maximum trend potential

Which hat shape brings out the maximum trend potential in the denim look? That's right, the bucket hat. Celebrated as a hip keypiece itself, it gets another trend boost in denim style and completes every casual combination of denim shirt and trousers. Our pure cotton denim bucket hat comes in a light and dark wash to suit any all over denim look. But what makes this denim bucket hat so special is the slightly frayed brim, which gives the hat itself and the whole denim style an additional authentically cool touch. Our styling tip: Our denim bucket hat tends to run a little larger, making it perfect for those with a slightly larger head and excellent trend sense.

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