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Our nail polish inspiration for summer 21

Whether DIY at home or with a professional in the salon - it's time to get our nails back in top shape. But do we always go for the same old red look? Why not try something new? With our nail polish inspiration you are well prepared for the summer - from classic mani looks to unlimited colour experiments.

French manicure with a difference

The French manicure is the classic among nail polish looks - timeless, elegant, unobtrusive, neat. Whether you have very long or medium-length nails, you can't go wrong with the French version - except to get bored at some point. So if you're looking for a little more pop, you can easily upgrade the French manicure with a colourful shade (or several).

"For those who want to try it at home, a little tip: If you don't have a steady hand, you can also use stencils. But whether freehand or with help - be patient and always wait until the white nail polish at the tip is really dry. That way, the line won't smudge and there won't be any hassle."

Hop on the Rainbow!

Let's stay on the topic of colours. This time, the implementation is much easier than the French manicure in colour, especially for home use. Surely each of you has a small nail studio-worthy assortment at home that has several colours in just as many shades ready. So why limit yourself to just one colour? Each finger gets a new colour. The order can even differ between the right and left hand. The important thing is that the colours harmonise with each other. You can find lots of inspiration and ideas on Pinterest. P.S. By the way, it also works very well with just one colour in different shades. For example, you can use several shades of red as a kind of gradient. Try it out!

Left & Right

Who says the left hand has to do the same as the right? Our source of nail polish inspiration, Digital Creator Melanie, aka @overglowedit, also shows here how easy it is to pull off the nail twist: by thinking outside the box! And you don't even have to think far outside. One hand is painted in a lilac, the other in olive green. So simple but so sexy.

Half moon

Similar to the French look, the whole nail is not painted. The natural half moon is left out. It sounds more complicated than it is and becomes child's play with time. By the way, this variation does not only work for long nails. Short nails also look great with the half moon left out. And don't be too fussy: no one is looking at your fingers with a magnifying glass. From a natural viewing distance, little mistakes or uneven edges won't be noticed. Trust us!


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